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Thank you so much for your reading, it was so interesting and a lot of what you said made sense to me. 
Thanks again for your help, all very valuable advice! (The YouTube link is such a great way to have readings too)


New Zealand

Isabel, I am totally BLOWN AWAY by this reading!  From the first second and the last, everything resonates so deeply.  I thank you for it - I really needed it. Sending you a big hug of gratitude.


NYC, United States

Thank you so very very much for my recent reading!  It was so empathetic and "spot on".  I am listening and re-listening and getting so much out of it.  You are terrific!!!!!


Denver, Colarado

Isabel, l love you Thankyou so much you couldn’t have been more accurate I feel a large weight has been lifted and I’m so glad l found you on youtube love and many blessings



Isabel, your reading for me is absolutely amazing!  It resonates in so many ways that I feel it is a true gift of clarity, support, and encouragement from the universe itself.


Ontario Canada

Thank you for my wonderful 2020 yearly reading.  I am so excited for the changes and blessings that I will be receiving, so grateful. Thanking you and your spiritual guides for assisting along my journey.


South Africa

Thanks again for today's session. It was extremely powerful. 



I absolutely loved your reading. I love your energy and wisdom it definitely comes from within and your guides are awesome!


Can’t thank you enough

Wishing you all the best Isabel!!!


Love and light



I absolutely loved your reading, as it reflects a 100% my situation!

You are very sympathetic!


Texas, United States

Isabel, thank you! 💕 This reading has provided such wonderful clarification and I have new realisations (lifting the veil even further). Extremely helpful! I love how I’m evolving.💫


Queensland, Australia

Just wanted to thank you for your valuable time and guidance. It really means a lot to me. 

Finally I got some direction in life. 

Thanks once again.



I just had to say thank you for my reading, I am both amazed and excited at what came up.I thought you might like to know how accurate I feel it is. Thank you again Isabel, you made my day, I needed a boost.



I've had a private reading with Isabel - and she is fabulous! Very genuine - so give it a go if you are interested! :)



Thank you for the reading it was so good! I am very excited for this year!


United States

My deepest thanks for a wonderful reading. Your compassionate approach meant a lot to me. I will keep you posted. Many thanks. 


United States

Wow my mind is blown Isabel! What a fantastic reading. Thank you


United States

My yearly reading was amazing! Isabel picked up on my energy exactly and it was such a detailed reading. Once I placed the booking I was sent the recording a few days after. I can't wait for 2018 to unfold. Thank you again!



I booked in with Isabel for a pre-recorded reading and I am amazed with what came up. I've been searching for a medium like Isabel for a long time and am so glad I found her. Her readings are authentic, trustworthy and she is very easy to connect with. Thank you Isabel I am very grateful.



Thank you very much for my reading Isabel. It was very spot on and it has helped me greatly! I am so happy I found you on YouTube. Can't wait to book in again soon. Regards, Nick


United States

I had a survival session with Isabel via Skype and it was amazing! She connected with my relatives who have past. Wow I am blown away Isabel! Thanks so so much for that, it has been an amazing experience and it has left me feeling so at peace. Much love, Joanne



I recently found Isabel on Youtube and immediately resonated with her horoscope readings. I booked a private reading with her and can't believe how accurate and specific it was. It has been one of the best readings I have ever had. I will definitely be booking in another one soon. Thank you Isabel!


United States

​I did some spiritual meditation classes with Isabel. I was a little skeptical at first and mainly went for the meditation part. These classes went far beyond what I was expecting. She guided us through practices to learn about energies, help us find our spirit guides, how to interpret the meanings of different images and symbolism that came through and so much more. Some relatives that have passed came through to her in the class and she passed on beautiful messages from them which helped me and my family. If you get the chance to go to one of her classes, a special event she has or even better a one on one reading I would highly recommend her.


Sydney, Australia

I have been consulting with Isabel since March this year. Her insights have been literally out of this world and profoundly accurate. The neutral space within which she operates facilitates non - biased and accurate information being relayed which I find very importantwhen seeking advice. Her non-judgemental and warm disposition makes it easy to connect with her and I immediately felt comfortable, relaxed and safe in the reading environment.


Sydney, Australia

I have been seeing Isabel for face to face readings for the past 6 years. She has connected with my relatives who have passed which has been amazing! She has also helped and guided me through difficult times through her messages. If you are after an amazing experince to connect with your guides and loved ones she is definitely an amazing medium to work with. Thank you for your guidance all these years Isabel!


Sydney, Australia

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