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Everyone has a very different story to tell as to how they began their spiritual journey. Mine began as a child. I’m not sure as to my exact age at the time but I do know that I was quite young.

My earliest memory of meeting and playing with my Guide was when I was about eight years old. I was a bit of a tomboy and would spend hours playing Cowboys and Indians in the garden. Needless to say I was always an Indian and White Elk was always playing with me. I did not realise until much later in life that he was actually my Guide.


Life seemed to get in the way as I grew older, but White Elk waited patiently in the background. Each hardship life threw at me – and there were quite a few - served to bring me closer to my Guide and to my purpose until, finally, I accepted my life path.

Twenty years ago, I began giving readings for those who requested them, and teaching spiritual enlightenment and mediumship – both in group situations and one on one.

I am now considered to be a practiced and accomplished medium and offer a service which is caring, discreet, and mutually rewarding.

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