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Just like humans, they have problems from time to time and need to express them. An Animal Communication session is a direct and informative way to hear what's going on with your pet Learning how to hear our furry friends is a missing link in the experience of sharing the love between ourselves and our beloved animals in a more complete way.
During a pet healing session Isabel may engage in a variety of techniques that allow her to tune in with your pet, including internal imagery, body sensations and emotions. This will depend on whichever is clearest at the time. Isabel will check out their energy body/aura for murky dark areas. Remote healing is possible, because Isabel connects with animals on a psychic level she can communicate with your pet regardless of distance. Isabel is also able to locate lost animals looking through their eyes for visual clues and listening to their story, getting as much information as possible.

1 hour Healing and Clearing for pets and animals by phone or Skype

  • Once you have paid for a session you will be sent an email confirmation to schedule in your appointment date/time. We will also request for your Skype name if needed.

    For phone consultations a time will be arranged for you to call me. Please note that missed scheduled reading appointments are non-refundable.

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