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Healing and clearing energy, involves removing blockages and negativity, and rebalancing your energy field. Isabel helps you clear negative energy from your energy field. You’ll quickly see results in your life as you are freed from the energetic burdens you carry. Spiritual cleansing is about replacing negative or otherwise undesirable energy with positive, desirable energy.
A spiritual cleansing, will help you feel lighter physically, emotionally and energetically – and you’ll feel a mental clarity that is free of the clutter or negativity!

1 hour Healing and Clearing Session by phone or Skype

  • Once you have paid for a session you will be sent an email confirmation to schedule in your appointment date/time. We will also request for your Skype name if needed.

    For phone consultations a time will be arranged for you to call me. Please note that missed scheduled reading appointments are non-refundable.

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