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I conduct Face to Face readings, one on one. I am also available for telephone /Skype consultations and pre-recorded sessions which can be sent directly to you.

Please note that there is a waiting period for all readings.


For further information, call: +61 414 470 515 or email: isabelgalasso6@gmail.com



First and foremost I am a medium. That means I connect to the spirit world.


There are many forms of mediumship ranging from spiritual or energetic healing, inspired or visionary art, physical phenomena, trance or channeling, and survival evidence. Some people lump ‘fortune-telling’ into the same category as mediumship but I don’t think that’s correct. There is a huge difference between psychic practice and mediumship. A psychic obtains their information from the energy of the person they are reading for; a medium links directly to the spirit.


The purpose of mediumship for, me, is to bring some spiritual or emotional healing by linking those here with their loved ones in the spirit world. I concentrate on developing a link to that world that enables information, feelings, and/or personality to be transferred and communicated.


This is done by providing what is termed "survival evidence" – things such as names, shared memories, current life events and so on - in fact, anything that the spirit in question wishes to impart!


This is a three way process between the reader, the person receiving the reading and the spirit - so, if you decide to have a reading, be prepared to participate. 


In a private sitting I always explain that I can’t actually control who comes through but, for the most part, we seem able to make contact with the person the sitter most wants to hear from. It can be a rewarding, informative and emotional process, and one that helps to heal, guide, and offer food for thought.


Isabel runs workshops teaching students how to tune into their own higher self and how to become connected with their spirit guides and guardian angels.


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